Synthetic Expeditionary Force #290A

Target: Uncharted Sector #407A


TT79PM (soldier)
RJ44KQ (scientist)
XU27UH (scientist)
CO74AZ (Cartographer)

TT79PM: Unit History

TT79PM is a generation 5 synthetic expeditionary soldier, programmed to protect the research and members of the current expedition. It is programmed with the capability to both give and recieve orders, and the perception to determine which action is appropriate. During synthetic expedition #301C, the unit suffered heavy damage to its power core, minor damage to unnecessary parts of its hydraulic systems, and the complete destruction of its frontal armor and helmet. TT79PM was given a core transplant, replacement armor, and flagged as "ready for duty."

System Diagnostics:

RJ44KQ: Unit History

RJ44KQ is a generation 7 synthetic expeditionary scientist. Programmed to record data, conduct experiments, and test hypotheses, as well as to cooperate with other scientist AI. RJ44KQ is a relatively new unit, and has only been a member of expedition #221C, where it proved its ability to carry out its basic programming, as well as its apparent ability to deescalate situations with hostile forces, such as raiders and mercernaries. RJ44KQ's persuasive abilities may be a result of minor damage to its processing core, as the generation 7 scientist is based off of the generation 2 synthetic diplomat. For its performance on expedition #221C it was given the rank of head scientist for expedition #290A, for its assisstant, it chose an experimental generation 3 synthetic scientist, #XU27UH for its programmed ability to process information freely, and to learn from observation, giving it an unmatched ability to process human behavior, as well as predict it.

System Diagnostics

XU27UH: Unit History

XU27UH is an experimental generation 3 synthetic scientist, programmed to record data and test hypotheses. This specific unit is also programmed to process freely, which helps it to process and predict human emotions. As it is programmed with potentially dangerous parameters, its physical abilities are greatly reduced, and is restricted from using weapons. With such dangerous programmed parameters, the Synthetic Union has never allowed XU72UH to leave the premises before expedition #290A, and has instead decided to confine it to a cell guarded by synthetic guards programmed to only communicate with biological humans. XU27UH's cell was originally guarded by human guards, but XU27UH manipulated them into setting itself free under the false pretense that it would not injure anyone. Immediately after being set free, XU27UH terminated both guards, and nearly terminated Professer Swanne before it was incapacitated by two heavily armed synthetic marines.

System Diagnostics

CO74AZ: Unit History

CO74AZ is a generation 4 synthetic cartographer, a minor variation of the base synthetic personel. With most characteristics unchanged, the most notable noticable differences are the presence of a heads-up-display on the inside of CO74AZ's helmet, and a drone built into CO74AZ's rear armor for reconissaince and map making. CO74AZ's programming allows it to record its own movements, and create directional markers on the HUD. Another function of CO74AZ is that it can scan the topographical, geological, and climatic makeup of of the region. All map data recorded is automatically submitted to the Synthetic Union for archive and studying via a long-range transmitter located on the back of CO74AZ's helmet.

System Diagnostics