Video Embedding Tutorial

Step 1: Find a video.

Finding a video that is both professional and relevant is important to any webpage, whether it's a how-to video about brushing your dog's teeth, or an educational video about the historical impacts of prohibition, a video can be useful in most webpages. For this tutorial, I'm using an html5/css3 video course.

Step 2: Copy the iframe tag.

Most major video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe automatically prepare iframe tags for their videos. This tag is usually found easily, by clicking the share button a drop menu appears, you can find the tag near the bottom of the drop menu with a label of "embed." Usually websites will have a button to automatically copy the iframe tag into your clipboard, sometimes, however, you'll need to manually select, copy, and then paste the embed into your code.

Step 3: Paste the embed into your code.

It's really as simple as it sounds, use Ctrl + V to paste, or you can right-click, and scroll down the drop menu until you reach "paste," select this, and the embed will be pasted into your code.

The final product

Here is an example of the final product. When embedding a video on your own website, feel free to add your own stylistic touches, such as a new border, a different position on the page, and even changing the size of the iframe.