Industrial Zone built in Region 75 as the race for common materials continues

After the complete collapse of the government in 2050, five nations were born from the ashes. Then, in 2051, one of these nations started the race for common materials.
Recently, our home government of the Last State of Delaware, built its first common materials producer, an industrial zone just north of what used to be Texas. This will
help the government of our great nation to build cities, and then further expand, to reach more valuable resources. However, other nations are joining in on this material
race, the countries of the American Commonwealth, and the Kingdom of Nyawa have also built industrial zones in region 8, and region 191, respectively. As of this year,
however, the nation known as Ionia discovered, and took control of an area rich with nuclear resources, which may start a race for resources of its own. Fortunately, they
have not shown any signs of hostility, and have even expressed an interest in opening trade with the Last State of Delaware, when approached with an offer of a trade
deal, the leader of Ionia declared "I'm down".

The Last State of Delaware begins new expansion program, headed for the Mississippi

As of Spring of 2051, the Last State of Delaware has been purchasing regions nearer and nearer to the Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, and the Mississippi River. These
bodies of water are both excellent trade routes, but also conveniently located nearby several deposits of valuable resources, some known materials nearby these
waterways are radioactive elements, advanced metals, common materials, coal, and rare earth elements. With a scheduled trade deal with Ionia, the Mississippi is
currently the most important objective. Reaching the Gulf of Mexico will allow theLast State of Delaware to trade with the American Commonwealth, and its
southern neighbor, the strangely named "Poop Clan". Contact, and the possibility of trade with the Kingdom of Nyawa has yet to be considered.